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This service is for the registration and management of membership for DEPA NSW only. For member benefits, including members only access to online resources and publications, please visit www.depansw.com.au

Benefits Of Membership

Becoming a member of DEPA NSW holds great value. Benefits include but are not limited to the following aims and objectives which are to: 

  1. Foster Teaching and Learning in Dance
    • Promote quality dance teaching.
    • Encourage effective student learning in dance.
    • Share information on quality classroom practices.
    • Develop networks of information on dance.
  2. Assist with Professional Development.
    • Provide dance professional development courses.
    • Encourage cooperation and understanding between teachers in various Key Learning Areas.
    • Promote mutually beneficial activities between schools, tertiary institutions and others involved in dance.
    • Provide dance professionals with a forum for discussion.
  3. Act as an Advocacy body
    • Represent the Association’s views on dance education on various boards and committees.
    • Make submissions on issues relating to dance in education to various organisations.
    • Encourage links with state, national and international bodies with interests in dance as an art form in education.

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