9am – 10.30am

Year 12 Extension 1 overview

The thinking behind Stage 6 Extension 1 course:

the relationship between the Common Module, electives and assessment in Year 12

Speaker: Louise Ward, Inspector English and Literacy, NESA

Year 11 Extension course overview

  1. The Year 11 course: the module and assessment unpacked: how does the new syllabus reframe present syllabus expectations of Year 11? What are the assessment implications? How does the module accommodate the outcomes and prescribed content?
  2. Extension as part of the English continuum of learning: How does Year 11 extend learning from the Year 10 and the Advanced courses; How does it anticipate the Year 12 course and the needs of Extension 2?

Speaker: Karen Yager, Deputy Headmaster, Knox Grammar School and President ETANSW

11.00am – 11.45am

Independent Research Project:

The research project provides the necessary foundations not only for Extension 1 but Extension 2.   In this session we look at the specified requirements and how to scaffold this.

Speakers:  John Turner, Policy Officer Professional Learning (NESA) and current Extension 1 SOM; Callan Moroney, Relieving Head Teacher, St George Girls High School


11.45 – 1.00 

Teach Meet: Good texts and different unit designs for Year 11 Extension

Four speakers plus time for sharing

Speakers:  Imelda Judge – Secondary Adviser, Futures Learning

Callan Moroney – Relieving Head Teacher, St George Girls High School

Karen Yager – Deputy Headmaster, Knox Grammar School

1.45 – 3.15

Developing a program for Year 11 Extension 1:

From scope and sequence to text selection to the program: What are the essential questions we need to ask? How do we embed the skills and scaffold the learning? What are the important ideas and ways of thinking we need to impart?  How do we challenge students to raise the bar? Eva Gold, Ann Small, Mel Dixon (ETA Education Officers)

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