Managing your Major Work

  • A checklist of the course requirements.
  • Establishing a timeline and time management
  • What is a concept?
  • How does the concept drive the major work?
  • How can students sustain this conceptual approach?

Understanding the importance of the Reflection Statement


The State Library of NSW: your library.

Megan Perry, Manager of Learning Services for the State library of NSW will introduce you to this wonderful and extensive resource for your research


Choosing your form: Susan Green

  • What does each form involve?
  • What are the advantages and challenges of each form?
  • 5 tips for success for each form.

Insights from the HSC markers on what they are looking for.


Young Writers’ Showcase Extension 2 students share their success


Q&A: an opportunity to question the presenters and student


Rigorous Research: broad, detailed and targeted

Belinda Nunn

This session explains the importance of rigorous research into the concept, form and ideas.

It also explores different methods and strategies

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